Clinics And Services Dr A. Handa & Dr S.M. Handa
For Fartown Green Road Surgery

Baby Clinic Vaccination
And Immunisation

Thursday 9.30am to 11.00 am with Dr Handa and Health Visitor

Child Health Surveillance

Thursday 9.30am to 11.00 am

Cardiovascular Clinic

By appointment with Nurse

Asthma Clinic

Tuesday by appointment with the Nurse

Diabetic Clinic

By appointment with the Nurse

Minor Surgery

Thursday 8.40 am with Dr by appointment

Family Planning

By appointment with Nurse

Maternity Care

Every Monday between 2.00pm to3.00pm with Midwife

Well person Clinic

By appointment with the Nurse

Travel Clinic

By appointment with Nurse.

Influenza Vaccination (Flu Injection)

Starts the end of September until December with Nurse by appointment


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Practice Nurse, Midwife, Health Visitor and District NursesPractice Nurse for ear syringing, vaccinations, injections, dressings, smear test, and blood pressure checks. All by appointment only Tel: 01484 534386.


Support Staff

Midwife antenatal care Tel: 01484 342667 .
Health visitor Baby clinic, child Health Tel: 01484 347810. District / Diabetic specialist nurses - for patient home assessment , & diabetic control - based at Fartown Health Centre- Tel 01484 347815


Travel Clinic

We offer a comprehensive service for patients travelling abroad including advice and immunisation. This service is available on Thursday afternoon.


Teeth And Eyes

Regular attendance at your dentist or optometrist is advised. Their examinations can disclose conditions which require medical treatment and are helpful in maintaining your general health.


Health Promotion

We are keen to do anything we can to help prevent illness. Much depends upon your own lifestyle - not smoking, alcohol in strict moderation, not being overweight, regular exercise, a well-balanced diet with plenty of roughage and making time to relax away from the pressures of the usual routine are all very important. However, there are some procedures and checks we can help with.



The practice nurses are qualified in cervical cytology, wound care, minor injuries, asthma and diabetes. Consultation for these services can be made directly without seeing the doctor.
There is also a qualified Family Planning nurse who can see patients for oral contraception, depo injections, diaphragm/cap fitting and discussion about IUCD and natural family planning. Please ask for an appointment at reception.



To see Dr or Nurse for IUD fitting, Depo Provera injections and pills.

Cervical smears

Normally every three years when sexually active

Blood pressure check

Every 3 years

Urine test

Every 3 years

Tetanus booster

After receiving five tetanus vaccinations no need for booster unless tetanus prone wound

Cholesterol check

Once only if a close blood relative has ever had a heart attack or a stroke aged 65 years or less

Vaccination for Foreign Travel

See the practice nurse six weeks before departure. Requirements do vary according to countries visited



8 weeks

First vaccination

12 weeks

Second vaccination

16 weeks

Third vaccination

13 months

MMR vaccination

4 years

Pre-school booster & second MMR vaccination

12 years

BCG vaccination at school

14 years

DIP/tetanus and polio booster



We use computer to store background information on all our patients including dates of birth, telephone numbers, current medications and illness. The information is password protected and only available to staff. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1984.


Antibiotic Policy

Most coughs, colds and sore throats go away by themselves and don’t need antibiotics. We try to reserve antibiotic usage for infections which are bacterial in origin and will therefore respond successfully to them. Your views on this matter will always be taken into account when deciding on a treatment plan.


Pregnancy and Medications

If there is any chance that you may be pregnant please let your doctor know as most drugs are not safe in the first few months of pregnancy.




Dr A. Handa & Dr S.M. Handa
34 Fartown Green Road Surgery

Huddersfield HD2 1AE

Tel: 01484 534386


Dr A. Handa
Qualifications: MBBS, MD


Dr S.M. Handa
Qualifications: MBBS 1964MS 1968 Male